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Welcome Back!

New to Polyphemus Records in 2019, 

Michael S. Womack. 

His second track "You Make It So Easy", a sweet innocent romantic tune with a simple 60's influence and a touch of Sergio mendes. We think we'll be hearing a lot more from this young man.


Touch Of Class

 A recent addition to Polyphemus records, 

 Brand new Smooth Jazz remake, "You're My World" from the sensational new signing to Polyphemus Reciords, 'Touch Of Class' - sure to be a big hit, in my opinion, better than the former version by Cilla Black - back in the day


La Young

Making her THIRD appearance on the Polyphemus Records label, LA Young releases this soulful track from an unpublished single of Aretha Franklin, Dr.Feelgood  With an awesome soul/R&B backing full of charm and grit, this track goes to the shops on October 28th but available in our GFA section to Bona Fida Radio Stations