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Polyphemus Records distribute your music to well over 170 of the Top On-Line retailers in 202 countries inc the Far East, giving  unprecedented access to a whole new sector 

with high disposable income.

With our own Radio Stations and a daily audience in excess of 8,000,000 listeners, our promotions are second to none.  

Embrace Your Passion


 My dad tutored me in American roots music every Sunday and I was hooked!  The bond that my dad shared with me, is the bond that I share with my audience through singing. 

~ LA Young

Live Life in Song


I am humbled & thankful to have such wonderful supporters! BLACK PEARLS (The Dr's Cut), has catapulted into the #2 spot in the UK after spending two weeks at #8. All I have ever wanted to do was put my creativity on display for the world to experience and derive from it the same joy that I do. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of the love! Special thanks to DrGlyn Reece for all he has done to help bring this incredible song to the masses!

Be Inspired by Everything


 A very special thanks to two great supporters of my music that made a huge contribution to my new EP with the song Dancing With You, to La Young for the awesome vocals and feeling you put into it and to the very awesome lyrics of DrGlyn Reece which really gave it life and even more of a hook to it.
Thank you for believing in me, and for believing in my music!! God bless you now and always!!! My Dream Continues!!! 

Tony Garviz

Against All Odds


 DrGlyn, thank you so very, very much for everything that you have done!!!!  I found my song on YouTube, and even  on iTunes.  Sir, everything that you have done for me has left me totally amazed.  Your gift simply blows me away.  You are wonderful man, producer, and . . . .  I will be making a donation in the next couple of days.  I am still in shock!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are truly a gentleman and a scholar!!!!! 

~ Michael S. Womack

Satisfied Customer

Michael S. Womack

 Michael S. Womack I am unable to articulate how thankful I am for the Moth FM and RVRadio, but my thanks go especially to DrGlyn!!! I want to thank all of the listeners, the fabulous artists, and a special thank you to Touch of Class - TX!!! Thank you TerryLynn, Richard, and Kirk Fischer!!!! 

Congratulations to all of the Moth FM artists!!!! 

Love all of you!!!! 


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